Blood RNA PrepMateā„¢

For Blood sample, Phenol based solution type RNA Extraction Kit – Blood RNA PrepMate

Blood RNA PrepMate™ includes Blood Buffer for the extraction of total RNA from blood using the conventional guanidium salt-lysis method. This versatile kit can extract total RNA not only from blood but also tissue, cultured cells, leucocytes, serum, etc., using suspension buffer and lysis buffer. The extracted RNA can be used as a template of the RT-PCR or quantitative real time RT-PCR and cDNA synthesis, cDNA library construction, Microarray.

Features and Benefits

As steps requiring hazardous solutions have been minimized, safety is increased and contamination with RNase is reduced. Genomic DNA contamination is minimal even without DNase treatment.

Experiment Time
1 hr (in case of serum)

Sample source
Blood, Tissue, Serum, Cultured cell, Leucocyte



Components Quantity Note
Blood Buffer 1 ea 100 ml
Suspension Buffer 1 ea 50 ml
Lysis Buffer 1 ea 100 ml
RNA Hydration Buffer 1 ea 10 ml
Manual 1 ea  

RT-PCR, Quantitative real time RT-PCR, cDNA synthesis, cDNA library, Microarray



Blood RNA PrepMate™

Quality Assurance

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ISO 9001:2008 - certificate